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Jo North is undertaking a two month trial of the “Buddy System”

“I am undertaking a trial of the “Buddy System” methodology of enabling clients to work confidently in therapy with me through email. This method has already been used within the NHS, specifically in the Maudsley Clinic and has been noted to offer benefits to clients. Clients are given a secure email account, where they can write up a daily diary …

Exeter Psychological Therapies Clinic Opens April 2015

Exeter Psychological Therapies Clinic opens in April 2015. The clinic, run by Jo North, is excited to be able to offer a new service with a wide range of therapies for adults, children and families. With much experience behind her, Jo North can’t wait to get started with this exciting new venture.

Fear of Flying

In March 2015, Jo North attended the Virgin Airways “Flying without Fear” course at Birmingham airport. “I had a great day learning cognitive behavioural techniques to help me cope with my own fear of flying, as well as hearing some fascinating lectures from pilots and cabin crew. I then went on a half-hour flight around Birmingham airport. As part of …

Mindful Therapeutic Care for Children

In 2015, Jo North’s book, Mindful Therapeutic Care for Children, was published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing. The book is aimed at the therapeutic professions, with the goal of regulating and settling children with disturbed and disruptive behaviour. It may also be of interest to parents and guardians of such children. Jo wrote this book after opening her own children’s home …