Dr Joanne North

Dr Joanna North

I have been a practising psychotherapist for twenty five years, working with adults, children and families. Whilst I have expertise in working as a child psychologist and psychotherapist, I also like to work with adults on a range of mental health conditions, as well as coaching and development.

I have always been fascinated by models of psychotherapy and the science of psychology – how we can “change our minds” and move on from crisis, and also how we can make sense of difficulty in our lives so that we grow and develop rather than live in despair. We often need a period of help and support while we do this.

I am very interested in helping people to live quality lives with a sense of well-being that goes beyond income or status.

Mindfulness is one method I use to help clients find peace of mind, but I am qualified in many models of psychotherapy also.

With a doctorate in psychotherapy, I work as an associate professor, teaching psychotherapy to psychology undergraduates. But the main focus of my work is my treatment of clients.

I have written and published three books on treating children with behavioural difficulties – see www.joannanorth.co.uk/publications

Feel free to contact me directly on joanna@joannanorth.co.uk or call my mobile, on 07966 672 950.

Find out more at www.joannanorth.co.uk

You can view my CV here: Dr.Joanna-North-CV