Our Approach to Psychology and Psychotherapy

Our clients consistently tell us that being heard and understood is more important to them than filling in forms, or being treated as a statistic.

We fully understand that when clients come to a psychologist or psychotherapist, they want a sensitive and personalised response, with the practitioner investing time in them, and really listening.

There are times, though, when data and psychometrics can help clients to understand their situation more thoroughly, motivate them and give them hope. These methods can also guide us towards the best treatment and the clients’ ultimate goals. So, we do adopt these styles of working as and when they are helpful and supportive to our work.

“Exeter Mental Health Clinic give a sensitive and personalised response”

Evidence points to the fact that the most successful aspect of the psychotherapy and psychology experience is the quality of the relationship with the practitioner, who needs to have warmth and provide empathic responses alongside the use of knowledge and skill. Our clients require us to show a human – yet measured – response to their difficulties. Most of all, they require a compassionate understanding of the dilemmas and challenges they bring with them to therapy.

We engage in Continuing Professional Development on a monthly basis to enhance our knowledge and skills. We also share knowledge and good practice amongst our group of experts.

“We’ll be clear with you about realistic goals”

In our own lives, we challenge ourselves to maximise our own personal development so that we remember how it feels to be a client. In 2020 Jo North will be undertaking more training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as additional training in EMDR treatment for trauma.

In addition to updating our knowledge by attending conferences both at a national and international level, we also engage in monthly meetings to encourage reflective practice and development of skills. We also take time to develop our thinking and our professional knowledge through consultation with other experts in the field.

In short, we put our clients’ thoughts and feelings at the top of our agenda, providing support to enable them to feel in control of their own lives and minds, whatever their age or background.